torsdag 4 augusti 2011

Road Trip Up North --- Picturesque

GG Bridge --- Leaving SF.

1st Major Point --- Avenue of the Giants, the majestic Redwoods (about 32 miles).

Our voiture went through this tree --- massive!

My silly "lil" brother, Rej.
We tried to stop him but to no avail; he wanted to go up there.

Nature is amazing.
I am always in awe of it.

Wading to cool off.
I heart rivers. Saw tons of it on the way up.

One of my favorite cars --- 1950s truck model.
Saw this in this little town called Miranda.
Someday, I'd like to buy one and spruce it up (i first fell in love with it when i saw Aidan driving a beautiful green one, from one of the SITC episodes).

We drove, via Highway 101, North. It's by the coast.
The views are striking, yet calming.

We are nearing the California/Oregon border.


The drive to Crater Lake, Oregon.

Crater Lake --- "Mount Mazama collapsed a large caldera, which was later filled w/ Crater Lake." (Wiki)

And... my beautiful Family =)))

We were there until the 4th.
Saw the towns (Ashland, Oregon; where we ended up) 4th of July parade.
I love small town gatherings.
It has more charming characteristics, than big cities.

--- Treasured memories ---

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fredag 8 juli 2011


We (the fam and i) also went on an adventure.
Will post more photos when I get the rest of it =)))

Information is Beautiful

... so agree.

Check this website out:
"...visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions – all with the minimum of words"

I'd pay more attention if information were presented to me this way. So cool!

måndag 27 juni 2011

Sunsets, clouds and a stretch.

myspace graphic

I have been on an awesome trip - I must show you some photos.
Soon, I promise!


tisdag 21 juni 2011

Movies Movies Movies...

(as promised)

Needed to see a movie that has substance...
Indeed that's what we did.

You can always (at least for the most part), count on these two directors to give you something to mull over.

We saw these two movies:

Tree of Life by Terrence Malick

***Not for everyone. But i think you'll appreciate it.

Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen (he's back!)

***Simply magical. Go see this---now!

Happy Summer Solstice! Xxx, A

söndag 6 februari 2011

Last Christmas.

Since we haven't really had the time to chat too much lately
I thought maybe it would a nice idea to show you how the
silly season went by here in sunny Australia.

Let's start with Christmas - my absolute fave holiday!

I was right into it from day one with my elfin hat from the
two dollar shop at the fresh produce markets. Ho ho ho!

My mum had sent Christmas wishes on one of my favourite
cards so this one got to hang on our wall, lucky thing.

We had plentiful of food all day every day. Here some Finnish
chocolates, dried fruit and nut, ginger breads and green gooey
ballsy thingamajigs. Oh and a very random Subway cookie too!

Some decorations..

..and more...

..and more food.



All images from here.

Love, love, love.

Lex & Loren - Engagement/Save the date! from Brinton Films on Vimeo.

If this isn't the cutest thing then I don't really know what is!
I found it here. Not that I am getting married anytime soon
but I did notice how close to your neck of the woods this lady
is as she seems to be based in California. You are all such
whimsical little people down (up?) there. Maybe it runs in the